In my last post, I identified 3 strategies for when it’s time to get up from the table.  So you’ve read the signs. And you’ve reckoned with your pride: your seat at the table is of decreasing value. No doubt it was not an easy realization.

But beneath the discomfort, perhaps there’s something else to discover. Perhaps once the wave of devastation crests, you could sense something else:  could it be that you have been privileged with a divinely orchestrated disconnect? A doorway? An invitation?

How will you respond?

As tempting as it may be, now is not the time to only think defensively. Instead, it is critical to take the opportunity to prepare to respond from a centered position of boldness.  When you do this, you set yourself up to become the creator of your next chapter rather than just the defender of a diminishing position.

The first step to responding from a position of boldness, I have discovered, is to reconnect with your inner wisdom. That deep and enduring part of yourself that is the source of suggestions that are not critical of us personally and that ring true. Some people call this reconnection prayer. Tara Mohr in chapter 2 of her book Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message has created a persona for this inner wisdom, calling it your “inner mentor.”

So before you respond to the reality that a doorway has appeared before you, quiet yourself. You may want to spend a few moments in meditation (you may want to follow the guided meditation that is included in the Playing Big book). And begin the process of reintroducing yourself to what you know to be true before you make any next moves. Have a conversation with your inner mentor. Get specific about location where the conversation takes place, what phrases or bits of communication s/he might share with you, even smells or objects that are present. Then jot down what comes up. Spend some time considering whether there might be insights you can gain.

Starting from this position of clarity about what is true for you today will set you up to create your next chapter following your departure.. Stay tuned for the next post, where I’ll talk about another strategy for responding from a centered position of boldness. Corporate Consulting + Life Design services of NLJGroup can help you achieve bold new outcomes in the way you lead, love, and live. Contact us today, and share this blog post with someone else!