Here are 3 lessons I’ve learned as I’ve charted my path toward living more boldly:

Bold Byte #1:  Imitation is a form of ingratitude.  Being bold means being unapologetically and unashamedly your glorious self. These words “unapologetically” and “unashamedly” made such an impression on me when I heard them as part of the motto of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago some years ago (funny how things percolate in your spirit). When you discount your divinity – the spark of Source that is uniquely you – by constantly replicating another’s spark, you actually demonstrate discontent with what you have been given. There are some practices that will help you recognize when you may unwittingly be sabotaging your own boldness.  Art creates it’s own market. You are a one of a kind creation, not a mass production. So why try to imitate?

Bold Byte #2:  My seat at the table was not always of service to me or my community.  A commitment to bold living will cause itchiness when you are in seats at tables that stifle you.  You may believe as I ddi that your current seat is all you deserve, or maybe that it is a worthy achievement and does your community proud. But your legacy is diminished if you are content to beg from crumbs from another’s table longer than you should.  your community is best served when you are authentically who you were created to be.   There are some practices that are helpful in discerning whether your seat is indeed serving you and that can help propel you to the next table (or better yet, to create your own!

Bold Byte #3:  There is yet power in parched places!  Boldness brings on a shift. These shifts are holy periods but not always happy times.  Parts of your past ways of being must die.  But be encouraged, because the dry and thirsty times are still powerful times!  You will find strength you had not accessed before.  Remember that the natural cycle of decay and decomposition is a prerequisite to growth!

I hope these Bold Bytes have caused some new thoughts to bubble up.  What would you like to talk more about?  In what ways do you feel your soul calling for more bold expression?  I’d love to partner with you to start practicing how to live more boldly!

With Boldness and Gratitude,