Thanks for stopping by! Life and Corp are life design and consulting services of NLJGroup.  But is also my personal mantra.  In this blog, I plan to share some of what inspires me to be bolder in the ways that I live, lead, and serve. Hopefully something shared here will inspire you.

To live boldly is to unashamedly live into our singularly unique expression of the universe in everything we do. It is a state of being that is spiritual. It is living in alignment with our purpose for the benefit of humankind.

Abundance naturally follows when we live boldly.  Yet, I wonder as a society, despite all our grand gestures, whether we are truly living boldly? Headlines bear witness to the manifestation of our collective fears borne of a scarcity mentality, the opposite of bold living. We only take so rapaciously from others, from the environment, when we are motivated by small-mindedness and competition rather than boldness. We oppress others when we are unwilling to fully embody and take responsibility for our own bold truth, its shadows and its sparkle. Others’ boldness makes us feel guilty for not accessing our own.

I did not come by the mantra without some stumbles.  I credit what I’m claiming as a mid-life reboot.  What brought on the reboot? It’s hard to point to any one thing. Our current political climate, coupled with a series of personal and professional challenges, simply cracked my heart open.  And I was propelled on a journey toward my own “North Star,” as Martha Beck puts it.  I say propelled because where I was felt false. Fake. Ill-fitting, like a hand-me-down coat.  And so with a cracked-open heart and a sincere willingness and commitment to boldly go where I’ve never gone before (in honor of my namesake Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek Captain Nyota Uhura), uncharted galaxies began to come into view in my personal and professional life:  a national modeling contract (my first ever), national consulting opportunities, voice over and improv opportunities, more powerful public speaking, awesome fitness transformations, and amazing relationships.

So in the next few posts, apropos to our transition to a new year, I’m going to share more lessons learned on this journey toward BOLD living. My aim is to inspire you start living more boldly in your unique way:  Because bold is better.

With Boldness and Gratitude,